Advance Friendship Day Wishes 2018 in Hindi English

If there is one relationship that can last for life time, then it would the friendship that you tend to share with the same or other gender. A good friendship shall happen with any gender, and its all about the good time, the care and the support you both share in your life. If you have one such friend, who has been backing up, supporting you every day, advising you to be a better person, then you should be thanking them by sending out Friendship day wishes to them. A small wish that comes from you on the special friendship day shall enlighten your friend and make them think about the memories that you both shared in the past. Send out a short and sweet Friendship day 2018 wishes to your friends, so that your wish stays unique and lets your friend remember every other word you wrote wishing them.

Cute Friendship Day Wishes
Friendship Day Wishes

FRIENDSHIP is like a tree…
It is not MEASURED on how TALL it could be,
but is on how DEEP the ROOTS

A good Friendship stands The Test Of Time.
It is Unbreakable in spite Of The Seasons That Life Presents My Friend And Am So Glad To Have You. Happy Friendship Day Mates!

Happy Friendship Day 2018 Wishes in English

Happy Friendship Day Wishes
Happy Friendship Day Wishes 2018

When We Share And Laugh Together,
You Make Me Spend A Lot And It Is Worth It,
Because I care About You My Dear Friend, Happy Friendship Day

Each Friend Represents A World In us,
A world Possibly Not Born Until They Arrive
And it is Only by This Meeting
That a New World Is Born.
Happy Friendship Day

The relation between one heart
and another heart is called love,
but the relation between heart and heartbeat is called Friendship. Happy Friendship Day

A friend is one who
Believe in you when
you have ceased to believe in yourself, Happy Friendship Day

Best Friendship Day Wishes in Hindi  for Friends

Wishing your friend on friendship day is normal, but when you are doing it in Hindi language, then it shall be a special one. Many people choose other foreign languages to share their wishes for friendship day. You need to be unique and native when wishing your friend on this special day. Try sending out Happy Friendship day wishes in Hindi and see how surprised your friend reacts after receiving them. The language Hindi itself has its own pattern and words that can strengthen the friendship bond between two souls. Writing a friendship day wish in Hindi language is a simple one, and you can make use of any of your previous good memories with your friend and write out your own wish for them.

Advance Friendship Day Wishes in Hindi Language

रिश्तों में प्यार की मिठास रहे, कभी न मिटने वाला एहसास रहे,कहने को तो छोटी सी है ये ज़िन्दगी, लम्बी हो जाएगी, अगर आप जैसे प्यारे दोस्त का साथ रहें|

क्या इतना ही प्यार था हम सब में यारों,की साथ बैठना छूट गया तो याद करना भी छोड़ दिया आपने.

अच्छा दोस्त एक फूल की तरह होता है, जिसे हम छोड़ भी नहीं सकते औरतोड़ भी नहीं सकते, तोड़ दिया तो मुरझा जाएंगे और छोड़ दिया तो कोई और ले जाएगा.

दोस्ती इन्सान की ज़रुरत है!दिलों पर दोस्ती की हुकुमत है!आपके प्यार की वजह से जिंदा हूँ!वरना खुदा को भी हमारी ज़रुरत है!

Advance Friendship Day Wishes 2018 for Lovely Friends

Some people send wishes during the exact same day, while some people prefer to send out wishes in advance. If you are one such advance wish sender, then you should be doing the same by sending out Friendship day wishes in Advance to your friends, so that they can get to know that you remember the special occasion even before its occurrence and the fact that you think about them in spite of your daily busy schedules. These Advance Friendship day wishes do have higher emotions in them, as your friends are about to receive the very first friendship day in this year, especially from you.

Advance Friendship Day Wishes
Advance Friendship Day Wishes
  • A true friend is someone who reaches
    for ur hand & touches ur heart.
    Happy Friendship Day in Advance

The Language of Friendship
is not words but meaning.
In Advance Happy Friendship Day

A ring is round & has no end….
& that’s how long I’ll be ur friend.
Wishing you in Advance a very Happy Friendship Day.

A friend is someone who is there for
you when he’d rather be anywhere else
Happy Friendship Day 2018 in Advance 

Friendship Day Wishes Images for Facebook WhatsApp

Sending out a wish on friendship day is a formal one, but sending the same wish written with an image shall be a unique one. Try sending out some Beautiful Friendship day wishes images to your friends on this friendship day to let them know about your creativity and your way of presentation, and the effort you put through to wish through on them on the special day. These images are eye attractive ones and shall go easy with your friendship day wish. The best part is that these images are available at a high definition and can be downloaded for free.

Happy Friendship Day Wishes Images
Wishes Images
  • Crazy days and screwed up nights, Tons of
    Crushes and stupid fights, Secrets we will take to the grave, Pictures we will forever save. Through thick and thin, Always true. Friends forever, Me n U! ,Happy Friendship Day

When A Rose Withers, its Value Fades Away
When A Candle is Lit it Melts Away and Its Fire Dies But The friendship You Have Shown Me Is Like Fire that Burns In My Heart Eternally,Happy Friendship Day

You are the sweetest friend that anyone
can have. Thank you for coming into my life and making it brighter with your friendship. Hope we always stay together. Happy friendship day to you

Blessed to have a true friend like you because
it is difficult to find a real Friend who understands and cares for you. I’m the lucky one and it feels really good to have you in my life.
Happy Friendship Day

Good FRIENDS Care for each Other..
Close Friends understand each Other… and TRUE Friends stay forever beyond words, beyond time. Happy Friendship Day..!!

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